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Parasites – Kill Them

In Silent Killer Series OneParasites the War With-In (please read first) I am sure I got your attention on the subject of parasites.

On page 2 after describing parasitic infestation/infection I suggested it’s a bad idea to entertain these buggers. I highly recommend we forget the Shock and Awe and deal with them via Death and Destruction, or Just Kill Them!

So, how do we terminate this tough organism’s un-wanted Home Visit?

I know of 3 ways.

Poison Them – Herbs

Digest Them – Enzymes

Stimulate Them to Leave – Homeopathic

These approaches are now time tested and clinically proven by hundreds of cases.

Herbal Approach:  Herbs are nature’s medicine and have been used for centuries by all indigenous peoples. I introduced herbal therapy into my practice in 1979. In 1999 I was introduced to Systemic Formulas and the late Dr. A.S. Wheelwright (1918-1990). Systemic Formulas owns the Wheelwright formulas and produces them for sale to doctors only.

To understand these formulas lets look at the person of A.S. Wheelwright.

Young Wheelwright was very intelligent and in 1935 at the age of 17 he won the Edison Award for Outstanding Achievement in Applied Chemistry. His lab, in his father’s garage, was said to have been better than the local collage labs.

He was inducted into the Armed services in 1941, WW11 was on. He made extensive contributions in the field of chemistry, most noted for defense explosives, photography, ready mix concrete, electronics, and commercial recipe development.

During his military service, while stationed in the south pacific, he became very ill. He suffered a severe gastrointestinal infection, which he called internal subcutaneous Jungle Rot. By late 1948 after surgery failed he was sent home to die. He had a scar from sternum to pubes and was swollen to 98 inches at the abdominal.

Young Wheelwright, and his wife Peggy, embarked on the study of herbs, fasting, and diet and quickly implement a course of care.

Wheelwright responded and recovered from his severe aliment. Mr. Wheelwright continued his traditional education and development of herbal formulas, diagnostic techniques and a significant herbal warehouse. Peggy, his wife, was later killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident.

Now a Doctor of Bio-Chemistry (1968), Wheelwright quit his job as a chemist for Kodiak and started to teach and travel. Over the last 20 years of his life he spent one third teaching, one third researching, and one third trying to prove his methods of healing with herbs was a valid healing method Doc. Wheelwright studied, lived with, and was inducted as a Medicine man in 3 tribes, the Navaho’s, Amazon Basin Tribes, and a Kahuna, a member of the Ancient Hawaiian Priest Class.

Dr. Wheelwright was a master Herbalist because of what he did. He could evaluate the sick, go to nature’s garden, find the proper herbs, and formulate them into the Correct specific Natural Safe and Effective Medicine. Doc. Wheelwright returned the last 4 years of his life from Hawaii to Utah and condensed his over 500 formulations to 102, so doctors could learn to use them.

I believe Dr. Wheelwright was the Einstein of Applied Herbal Therapy and Nutrition.

Dr. Wheelwright developed 5 anti parasitic Herbal Formulas and 2 formulas to detoxify the body from the toxins formed from the die off of the parasites. These very effective formulas are specific to each of the 4 types of parasites.

These Herbal Formulas are:

VRM 1: For large bowel parasites.

VRM 2: For small parasites.

VRM 3: For micro parasites.

VRM 4: For cellular parasites (flukes)

WO: Worm Seed Oil, or Chinese healing oil.

The 2 detox formulas to manage the toxic parasitic die off are

ACX: High potency broad-spectrum detoxifier.

ACP: Mild cellular level detoxifier.

The second method of dealing with parasites is the Enzyme approach to digest them. These formulas are from another company I use called Standard Process Labs.

Zymex 11


The third a less common approach is with Homeopathic remedies called Nosodes.

Most patients with a parasite problem will need the Systemic Formula VRM, WO, and or an enzyme or detox formula. Often, after we eradicate the parasite, a specific re-building and or a general bowel detox program may be needed for the residual toxic condition.

Case Study:

A female patient of 55 years of age presents with dizziness, severe fatigue, and weakness to her extremities. She awoke 2 days ago with the above symptoms and is worsening. She is to the point where she needs assistance at home. She has seen her medical doctor and all test are negative. She has a second home in Mexico. Her examination using Total Integrated Technical (TiNT) reveals a parasitic infection in her adrenal glands. She is prescribed VRM 3 and adrenal support formulas. She is significantly improved in only 5 days, and is now a-symptomatic, yet remains on her program at a reduced dosage.


Parasites are Silent Killers and range in size from micro cellular to 30 feet long. We can be infested with multiple types and be the host for 10’s of thousands of them at one time. They can lie up to 200,000 eggs a day. Now the bad news, they are not always contained.