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The Silent Killer Series – #2 Toxic Bowel Syndrome

If you have not read Dr. J’s Patient Orientation letter and the Silent Killer article, #1 Parasites the War Within, please read them, so we will be on the same “page,” so to speak.

We could title this article, “The Cesspool Within.”  Ha. Ha.  OK, funny for now but, I believe, you will soon recognize that this condition easily qualifies for a Silent Killer Series article.

Toxic Bowel Syndrome is also known as 
Dysbiosis and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Dysbiosis is defined as a state of disordered microbial ecology that causes disease. In Dysbiosis, virulent organisms, bacteria, yeast, and parasites induce disease by altering our ability to absorb nutrients or affecting our immune responses. Inflammation and degradation of the intestinal brush-border is caused, and there is leakage of harmful macromolecules into the blood and lymphatics.

The Royal Academy of Physicians of Great Britain has identified 36 different poisonous substances in the bowels that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and have a detrimental effect on the body. “90% of all disease and discomfort is directly or indirectly related to an unclean colon (due to impacted fecal matter)” Royal Academy of Physicians of Great Britain.

The average person over the age of 40 has anywhere between 5 and 25 pounds of build-up in their colons. Parasites of all sizes thrive in this indisposed residue of fecal matter slowly but surely toxifiying the whole body” Dr. Bernard Jensen, the father of Iridology and foremost expert in colon research and therapy.

“When the body is trying to absorb nutrients through the colon which is backed up, it is actually absorbing poisonous fecal matter. These toxins also block enzymes and nothing in the body functions properly without enzymes” Dr. Brian Carpenter

“The lack of nutrition available from real foods in the modern diet causes our body’s to fail from the resulting toxic overload. The average American annually consumes 64 dozen donuts, over 50 gallons of soda pop, nearly 200 pounds of refined sugars, and over 4 pounds of food additives and preservatives” Dr. David Minzel PhD. CNC

Gina L. Nick, Ph.D., N.D. in her epic work Clinical Purification, scientifically validates the effects of toxicity and the need for systemic detoxification.

Toxic Bowel Syndrome/Dysbiosis has four stages.

Putrefaction: The process of an overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, and/or parasites causing a change in bowel pH. and producing toxic chemicals and poisons. This is most often caused by antibiotic use.

Fermentation Excess: This excess of normal bacterial fermentation causes abnormal bacterial overgrowth. This progression produces the condition of carbohydrate intolerance, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and the feelings of malaise.

Deficiency: During this stage, a die off of the normal healthy microbes of the bowels takes place. This phase is often clinically correlated by conditions such as food intolerance / allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Sensitization: At this stage the toxic overload induces an immune response, which leads to inflammatory bowel disease, and can lead to inflammation of the bones, joints, including connective tissues (arthritis).

Common Symptoms of Toxic Bowel Syndrome are as follows.


Autoimmune disease

Bacterial infections

Behavioral disturbances


Liver disturbances

Impaired resistance


Neurological disease

Weight gain

In the 70’s, I recognized the need to diagnose and treat this syndrome. After many seminars on the subject, I started using urine and saliva testing, a non-invasive test, to determine systemic toxic load. Implementing Oxygenated Hydro Colonic therapy, nutrition, herbal therapy, and specific diets, I saw many stricken patients improve dramatically.


So now we have the facts on Toxic Bowel Syndrome, Dysbiosis, and Leaky Gut Syndrome. As I promised, this would be a subject worthy of the Silent Killer series. Today, the process of detoxification is more accurate, effective, friendly, and efficient.

So, my next article could be called: “Clean Up This Dump”, or how about “Detox or Die”; here’s a good one, how about “Take out the garbage and the trash, or you don’t get no spending cash!!”  So stay tuned.