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I believe one of the things you pay me for is to keep you healthy, so you can live long and prosper. This article is my effort to help you understand better the effects of toxins on your health and the relationship between toxins, free radicals, disease, and aging.

This issue is of crucial importance and I believe that as you understand this issue you will be better equipped to protect your health and the health of your loved ones.


Pollution is the introduction of substances or energy into the environment, resulting in negative effects that endanger human health, life, and harm living organisms. The sources of pollution are broken into 4 categories; these are 1. Physical Toxins, 2. Inherited Toxins, 3. External Energy Disturbances, and 4. Mental/Emotional Toxins.

Physical Toxins are broken into 7 categories which are:  1. Metabolic Waste, 2. Free Radicals, 3. Digestive Waste, 4. Environmental Pollutants, 5. Man Made Pollutants, 6. Biological Organisms & their Waste, and 7. Residuals of Medical and Recreational Drugs

Inherited Toxins are broken into 2 categories: Genetic Disorders and Inherited Toxins

External Energy Disturbances are broken into 4 categories: 1. Geographic Stress,

2. Electromagnetic, 3. Radiation and 4. Frequency Disturbances.

Mental/Emotional Toxins are broken into 4 Categories: 1. Disease Forming Belief Systems, 2. Emotional/Physical Traumas, 3. Negative/Hurtful subconscious, and

4. Learned negative, harmful Patterns.

Toxic exposure is a fact of life and our bodies have very effective ways to process and eliminate much of the toxins we are exposed to. However, when our detoxification systems become overwhelmed or should the detoxification and elimination pathways become impaired, toxins build up in the body creating disorientation and dysfunction. This toxic stress causes a cascade of harmful, free radical production. Toxins will then accumulate in various locations within the body these locations are referred to as TOXIC FOCI.

The First Stage of toxicity is INFLAMATION and PAIN as the body is trying to rid itself of the toxins. Inflammation signals the start of a disease. In the Second Stage the body is no longer able to rid itself of these toxins and the toxins continue to accumulate.

In Stage-2 toxicity the body moves toxins to areas where they will do the least harm and walls them off or encapsulates them as cysts, polyps or tumors.

After years of toxic accumulation Stage 3 occurs when the toxins move into the general cellular community affecting the whole body. In stage 3 we usually find premature aging, degenerative disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease.

More bad news, areas of TOXIC FOCI are the best places for microorganisms to accumulate since the immune system does not function well within these localized regions of toxic accumulation.


A toxin is a poison capable of negatively impacting our bodies. Scientists agree that no one can escape the myriad of environmental pollutants which attack us daily. We are constantly knowingly and unwittingly exposed to pollution. Processed foods, soft drinks, automobile exhaust, cleaning products, chlorine and fluorine in drinking water, your laundry detergent and even the clothing you wear, all have toxic potential. Your house, your car and your office are filled with pollutants and toxins.

Over 120,000 human made chemicals have been introduced to our environment over the last 300 years and this number continues to grow each year at a phenomenal rate. At the same time, microbial toxins, being influenced by the vast numbers of chemicals, are mutating and becoming more virulent. Evidence has proven a definite link between the accumulation of toxins in the body tissues and the development of chronic disease.


According to Dr. Henry Shroeder, in his book, “The Poisons Around Us”  “The five toxic trace metals: cadmium, beryllium, antimony, mercury and lead are extremely important to the health of the public, being involved in at least half of the deaths in the United States and much of the disabling diseases. Therefore, they are of public concern or should be if we value our lives and our health.”

Dr William Rea, MD, FACS, FAAEM, President of Environmental Health Center, Dallas Texas, says,” Now the evidence is in and it stinks – literally. Laboratory tests show us the harm done to the brain and nervous system by toxic metals. Illnesses and auto-immune disorders previously tagged as idiopathic (of unknown origin) are being linked to the presence of synthetic substances in body tissues. Research into the increase in breast cancer is implicating DDT which is stored in fatty tissue.”

In addition the EPA demonstrated, that 100% of samples of human body fat contained toxic doses of chemicals, including styrene, 1,4-dichlorobenzene and xylene.

They indicated that studies of human body fat showed that 98% of the samples contained dioxin and 96% contained benzene. Styrene is found in disposable cups, Styrofoam packaging and carpet backing, moth balls and household deodorizers contain 1,4-dichlorobenzene. Dioxin is found in herbicides, auto exhaust and xylene is found in gasoline, paint and wood treatment products. Benzene is a by-product of gasoline, cleaning solvents and paint thinner.


The following symptoms are associated with excessive toxicity  Fatigue, recurrent infections, weight gain, back pains, muscle weakness and pain, constipation or diarrhea, bladder or kidney symptoms, skin conditions, respiratory conditions, acne, headaches, lethargy, brain fog, agitation, nausea, loss of appetite, itching, yellow eyes or skin, and flu like symptoms.


It has come to my attention that none of us get out of here alive, and dying later is preferred over dying sooner. There are two different kinds of aging. There is intrinsic aging which is internal and genetically controlled aging which is largely beyond a person’s control. This type of aging will program the body for the longest life it can possibly have under the best circumstances. In contrast, extrinsic or external aging is associated with environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and lifestyle, and can be accelerated or slowed by a variety of factors over which we have some control.


I think of free radicals as CELLULAR TERRORIST and the best plan is to eliminate them.

The term “free radicals” refers to highly energized molecules that contain an unpaired electron. They have the energy and need to pair up with other loose electrons in the body and on the skin. The highly charged and extremely unstable molecular fragment may puncture cell membranes, destroy enzymes and even break down DNA just to steal an electron from another molecule. This triggers a chain reaction (or cascade) which creates more free radicals. These free radicals, more accurately called oxidants, attack cell walls and literally oxidize holes in the walls of your cells. This causes more damage and can significantly deplete your immune system causing premature aging and multiple health problems. Medical specialists now widely regard “free radicals as the primary cause of Premature aging and chronic degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, strokes, and many immune disorders. In fact some 50 to 60 diseases are recognized as having free radical involvement.


I have designed and prescribed detoxification programs for my patients since the 70’s and the process has never been easier than it is today. Detoxification has become a science and the current formulas and procedures are easy and effective.

Every patient is an individual and has specific needs and as such every detoxification program is specific to these needs. I have developed a specific examination procedure to determine your Stage of Toxicity, the type of toxins involved and the optimum protocol to eliminate these toxins.

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Yours in Health,

Andrew W. Jenison D.C

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