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Total Integrated Wellness Chiropractor Services | Reno, NV
Total Integrated Wellness Chiropractor Services | Reno, NV


In addition to racing, I work as a mechanic and am in constant contact with toxic chemicals and compounds that have a negative effect on my overall health and well-being. Dr. Jenison’s program of detox, nutrition, and chiropractic manipulation has kept me healthy and full of energy. I continued to thrive for over ten years. I truly believe that Dr. J is responsible for my continued good health.

Scott Denham

I have a collection of autoimmune diseases, diabetes and a back disorder. After one cranial adjustment I saw such immediate improvement that I fly in regularly every two weeks for treatment with Dr. Jenison. I don’t think that anyone else can do what Dr. J can in terms of diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Fran Johnson

I was diagnosed with a transverse myelitis with static myelopathy caused by a virus that settled in my spine. I was barely able to drag myself ten feet! Dr. J was a godsend. He used technology on the nerves in my spine and aggressively went after the virus. After several months I was walking again! No problems. Great energy. No other symptoms!

Camille Mitchell

I literally did “hit the wall” at speeds over 200 mph! After days of excruciating pain, after being released from the hospital, I had to do something… Dr. J worked on me for five hours – icing, manipulating, massaging. I felt like a million bucks! Regular treatments, chiropractic adjustment, and a guided nutrition program have kept me at the top of my game for years.

Dean Hall

Dr. Jenison's Articles

Junk Food & Violence

Eating junk food makes people crazy. Remember we are what we eat. Research now links violent behavior to nutritional deficiencies and JUNK FOOD.

O2 Say What?

Oxygen is the main ingredient for life. We humans need recreation, snow, and mountains to sustain life, NOT! We require Oxygen food and water. So what is the connection between health and oxygen?

General Adaptive Syndrome G.A.S.

Ever have feelings like I’m just out of gas, can’t go on, to much bad news, stuck in the mud, drove into a ditch, I have hit the wall? Well then maybe you are really out of gas because you have G.A.S.


The issue of detoxification is of crucial importance and I believe that as you understand this issue you will be better equipped to protect your health and the health of your loved ones.