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General Adaptive Syndrome G.A.S.

Ever have feelings like I’m just out of gas, can’t go on, to much bad news, stuck in the mud, drove into a ditch, I have hit the wall?

Ever feel like life is not going to ever work out for you?

Well then maybe you are really out of gas because you have G.A.S.

Ever hear the old saying don’t worry about it stress will kill you or Oh just forget about it. We may laugh as we remember these old saying

but these saying express some simple wisdom.

General Adaptive Syndrome (GAS) was first recognizes by world famous Dr. Hans Selye a Canadian Endocrinologist in the 1920’s. Dr. Salye did research on how stress affect your body’s glands, primarily your hormone producing glands the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals, thymus, and digestive systems.

Hormones determine the quality of your life; you know the zest in your life. Balanced hormones are essential for a healthy/joyful expression/experience of life.

When we experience stress the brain responds by initiating 1400 different responses including the dumping of a variety of chemicals into our blood stream. Initially this gives us a short burst of energy to do whatever is needed to survive.

If we experience prolonged stress the changes our body experiences can lead to a host of illnesses and even death. We may succumb to a specific disease but the underlying cause of this disease and eventual death is STRESS. I call this Death by Proxy. Stress eats away at your life until a disease kills you.

I have diagnosed and effectively treated GAS for years.

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Dr. Jenison