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Junk Food & Violence

Eating junk food makes people crazy. Remember we are what we eat. Research now links violent behavior to nutritional deficiencies and JUNK FOOD.

O2 Say What?

Oxygen is the main ingredient for life. We humans need recreation, snow, and mountains to sustain life, NOT! We require Oxygen food and water. So what is the connection between health and oxygen?

General Adaptive Syndrome G.A.S.

Ever have feelings like I’m just out of gas, can’t go on, to much bad news, stuck in the mud, drove into a ditch, I have hit the wall? Well then maybe you are really out of gas because you have G.A.S.


The issue of detoxification is of crucial importance and I believe that as you understand this issue you will be better equipped to protect your health and the health of your loved ones.


A toxin is any agent capable of negatively impacting our bodies. Scientists agree that no one can escape the myriad of environmental pollutants which attack us daily.

INFLUENZA the Perfect Parasite

Everyone “knows” about the flu, but we’re going to take a closer look at what makes the influenza virus such a big deal.

The Silent Killer Series – #2 Toxic Bowel Syndrome

We could title this article, “The Cesspool Within.” Ha. Ha. OK, funny for now but, I believe, you will soon recognize that this condition easily qualifies for a Silent Killer Series article.

Parasites – Kill Them

We’ve talked about the dangers of parasites – now let’s discuss how we do the only thing we can do to save ourselves – kill them!

The Silent Killer Series – Parasites The War With-In

I usually avoid dramatic article titles, but this is such an important topic that I’d be a bad doctor if I didn’t make you understand how important this is.