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Ion Cleanse – Detoxification

Doctors and scientists have been researching the effects of toxic exposure on the body.  These studies show that toxic overload can increase susceptibility to a whole range of illnesses including cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more.  Exposure to environmental toxins, cigarette smoke, alcohol, and toxic metals can add to a person’s toxic load.  These, along with the effects of pour nutrition and disease, can create a toxic burden that so overwhelms’ the body’s natural vitality it can no longer heal itself.  It becomes imperative to detoxify the body before healing can begin

Throughout my years in practice I have used a variety of ways to help patients relieve their toxic overload.  These methods include cleansing diets, colonic therapy, herbal supplementation, nutritional detoxification, and Ion Cleanse.

The Ion Cleanse allows me to safely and quickly diminish the toxic burden and its negative effects on the body.

The Ion Cleanse treatment is specifically adjusted for each individual. You place your feet, or occasionally another part of the body, in a tub of water to which a small amount of sea salt is added.  The ionizer array is placed in the water and a very low level of current is sent through the array and it generates negative ions.  The activity of the unit draws toxins out of the body and deposits them in the tub of water.  As the detox precedes you will notice colors and particulate appearing in the water.*

The colors and particulate matter will be specific to that person and the areas of the body being detoxified.  The colors of the particulate left behind may represent the following:

Yellow/green/blueKidney, bladder, urinary tract, genital areas
BrownLiver, tobacco, and cellular debris
Dark greenGallbladder
White foamLymphatic system
White cheese like particlesYeast, candidacies
Black flecksHeavy metals
Red flecksBlood or blood cot materials

You may also notice odors coming from the water; this too is an indication of toxins being removed from the body.

Negative ions are the “feel good” ions most noticeable in nature after a thunderstorm, or a long walk along the ocean, or time spent in the vicinity of a waterfall.  After an Ion Cleanse treatment you should experience an increased feeling of well-being, more energy, and clearer thinking.

These feelings are an indication that the program is working for you and helping to detoxify your body.

*This occurs to some degree whether or not there are feet in the water.