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Zenith Thompson Verti-Lift Drop Table

Without peer, the Zenith Thompson 460 Verti-lift is arguably the finest chiropractic table in the world today. With variable height adjustability, incredible sturdy cast-iron base, full steel construction and supple, durable upholsteries, it is the ultimate chiropractic tool. Lo-Force drops provide consistent, high velocity, low force adjusting. This Zenith Flagship model 460VL offers everything I need in a in a chiropractic table to benefit my patients.

A Zenith Thompson Table is part of my practice and is in my office in Reno Nevada. This table gives me the ability to practice true “low force spinal manipulation”.

The table is designed to allow for an easy transition between the patient examination and the adjustment phases of the treatment. With the help of the Zenith Thompson Table I am able to treat patients effectively and efficiently and subsequently be able to help them get well more quickly.

The drop table was developed by Dr. J Clay Thompson over a period of time beginning in about 1947.  When Dr. Thompson graduated from the Palmer Institute he began working at the Institute.  While attempting a cervical adjustment he noticed that the force applied to the patient didn’t go exactly where he wanted.  He felt that the force of the manipulation was wasted and set about to find something better.

Through a series of serendipitous situations he noticed that a table with drop functions worked better than a rigid one. Dr. Thompson realized that this was based on Newton’s First Law of Physics. This law states that “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an opposing force.”  With this realization and an understanding of spinal biomechanics he developed a head piece that fell away during a Chiropractic adjustment. He received a patent for this in 1955.  By 1957 he had developed and patented a table that had drop pieces for adjusting the dorsal, lumbar and pelvic areas of the body.  The tables we now have in the office are the result of almost 75 years of refining the original concept.

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